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During several years Telesis has developed from a start-up of 5 people to a strong human resource of 150+ employees. The key factors of our success are our employees and customers. We are people oriented company as it is stated in our mission and values.

Today, Telesis staff is more than 150 professionals. Among them are managers, IT analysts, business analysts, software architects, programmers, developers, Team leads, process executives, testers, QA engineers, maintenance staff and etc.

All these people are completely different, but they have one thing in common - talent and a real desire to improve themselves and contribute to the success of our company. We understand that what is good for Telesis is good for its employees.

Telesis is a place, where talented and industrious people can realize their full potential. A challenging and favorable atmosphere is a pledge of personal success of our employees. We believe that our success is a combined result of personal progress of each member of our team.






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