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We operate a large, completely independent testing laboratory, with experienced full-time testing and QA specialists and managers with an unbiased view of IT.

By employing Telesis QA laboratory services, you will see if your project meets your initial requirements and the business needs of your industry, both in its current state and in perspective. We are also able to fully test product functionality, user-friendliness, performance, stability and many other aspects.

Why wait to adjust software to make it client-friendly, bug-free and adequate to your business needs? While others are struggling to make it all work smoothly after the development process is over, our customers stay aware of potential problems and are able to eliminate problems on the fly.

We offer the following QA and testing services:
Software Testing
Complex Testing Service
Functional Testing
Technical Testing
Installation Testing
User Interface Testing
Quality Control
Quality Assessment
Quality Monitoring
Website Evaluation
Documentation Services
Technical Writing
Proofreading and Editing




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