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Overcoming the scope of conventional software services Telesis offers IT enabled services in collaboration with Apex Data Services Inc.USA in the form of Data Conversion, ePublsihing Services and GIS (Geospatial Information Services) along with other value added services.
These services are available towards various languages (English, French etc). All this is achieved through unique conversion technology.

Data Conversion – quickly and at higher quality levels

If you need to convert hard copy or electronic data, Telesis can help you convert more data, more quickly, and to higher quality standards. We undertake data conversion solutions to newspapers, academic institutions and educational epublishers in the US and Europe. Working with these clients and others, we convert books, journals, manuscripts, newspapers, finding aids, reference products, bibliographic records, photographs and illustrations into the most accurate, useful and cost-effective digital content in the world.

If you need to convert hard copy or electronic data, call Telesis.

ePublishing Solutions
Telesis can help you create compelling new content from a wide variety of electronic and hard copy source materials. Our ePublishing solutions include copy authoring, editing, synthesis and abstracting in both the UK and US English lexicons. We can recruit, train and deploy content creation specialists who are subject matter experts with the education and professional experience that you require. Our content creation solutions will help you create cost-effective new content while freeing valuable in-house talent for new opportunities.

If you need to create compelling new content, from new or existing sources, call the experts at Telesis.
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