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Telesis, pioneered IT training in 1997 and has gained expertise in offering high-end technologies which are the most sought after by the industry. Telesis brings together some of the best resources and expertise in the Information Technology industry to offer branded programs... MORE

Telesis through its Training Centers provides information and resources on IT education, training, development and services for everyone involved in the sector - from users to suppliers, students to educators and employers to employees. Telesis through its strategic alliances with global leaders like Sun Java and Oracle formulates the link between individuals and agencies with IT skills, opportunities and solutions. This helps the students keep up to date with the latest learning and professional accreditation in the industry. It has been our mission to provide timely programs that respond to the needs of the industry. Telesis has been at the forefront and has pioneered various training programs and

Clearly understands the needs and wants of the target audience
Assesses the needs and wants of the audience and fulfills them
Anticipates future needs and lays the groundwork for them progressively
Links the target audience to the resources they need - education, training, skills and information
Fosters just-in-time learning
Telesis offers customized training programs for government, institutional and corporate clients.
Strengthen your skills and broaden your expertise with Telesis.

Corporate training
Today’s business transactions are powered with dynamic and complex technologies. Telesis provides complete training solutions to organizations and professionals through its Corporate Training Division.... MORE
Corporate Training Division
Today’s business transactions are powered with dynamic and complex technologies. Telesis provides complete training solutions to organizations and professionals through its Enterprise Education division.. At Corporate Training Division we ensure our services enhance the power of knowledge of your employees by designing, developing and supporting competitive and creative solutions that are aligned to your business objectives.

Telesis offers the widest selection of flexible training programs specially designed to cater to the requirements of corporate that are adapting to the Internet age. Focused on diverse IT skill sets, it offers high-end, skill-based education designed to keep your organization in the lead.

Telesis first prepares a requirement analysis on the corporate training needs of an organization. The training curriculum is designed to address different functional, skill and learning levels.

The courseware is designed keeping in mind
The Training Need
The end-user profile
The objectives of the company
The prevailing technology and methodology
Matching strategy with practical usage
Why Telesis?
High quality training
Customized service
All levels of support with a short lead-time
Vast resource of highly talented and experienced professionals
Extensive network of centers to choose from
Solutions with the emerging technology touch
Comprehensive training methodology
Joint certification with Oracle and Sun Java.
Research and Design
Thorough research is undertaken to understand the processes of the corporate, the need for training is analyzed and training solutions are suggested according to the specific needs of the company. The training solutions are in concurrence with the existing methodologies and act as value additions to the system.

The interactive training sessions ensure that the training methodology becomes a part of the organization culture and are well absorbed by the participants. The participants are given certificates to acknowledge their involvement in the training.

Course Catalog
Connect for beginners
Ms Office
Linux, C, C++,C#
Network Administrator
Java @ SSi
Smart Start
Smart Engineer
Oracle 9 i
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